Edible birthday cards

Edible cards
Edible cards

There are cards for almost every occasion imaginable. Cards are a lovely sentiment, but what do you do with them once received? Do you keep them, where do you keep them and for how long do you keep them?

This is a problem to solve. Not keeping cards, reading them once and discarding them is a huge waste of paper. Whereas keeping them can cause clutter. Honestly, I keep a few in the back of my cupboard, but I can’t remember ever going back to read them. To me, cards seem like such a wasteful practice.  

The practice of giving flowers suffers from the same problem. Flowers are a thoughtful gift, but they are perishable and wither after a few days. This problem was solved by the creation of edible bouquets. Made to look like a bunch of flowers, but made from fruits, breads, chocolates and sweats. The idea is thoughtful and practical. The same could be done for cards.  

Edible cards could be made sweet or savoury, from cookie dough to bread, chocolate or candy. Choose a few of the most popular celebrations to start, like birthdays, get well, weddings and Christmas and create a few designs for each.  

This would be a great business to start locally. Build your customer base online and sell your edible cards at local markets. 

Fishing based business

Bio bait lures
Bio bait lures

Fishing is a popular past time and there are many avenues for creating a successful business in this industry. Infact, fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities worldwide with over 49 million people participating in America alone.  

So, let’s delve in and explore some of the business opportunities related to fishing.

Being an outdoor activity, fishing can be hazardous if not prepared. Sun exposure, biting insects, foot hazards and wild animals are some of the potential hazards. So, it is a good idea to have the right apparel and Personal protective equipment (PPE) when fishing. The right footwear, long sleeved shirts, hats, sunglasses and waterproof pants are all good examples of things you might need.  
Fishing Jerseys are a popular item. They are long sleeved and protect you from the sun, wind and insect bites. There are a variety of target markets such as women, children and target fish species, to name a few. Anchors Deep fishing, is a fishing apparel business started by a friend of mine. Selling fishing jerseys, short sleeve shirts, hats and stickers with fishing and boating themed designs.  

Of course, if you are going fishing you will need a rod or a handline. So why not develop your own type of rod or handline? You probably think that everything has been done already, but I have seen new businesses developing tougher rods, high quality artesian rods and new types altogether, like the Wormy spring poles.

Fishing tackle and lures are another potential business opportunity with a huge variety of options. You can choose from, sinkers, swivels, braided line, monofilament line, leader, soft plastic lure hooks, soft plastic lures, top water lures, poppers, swim baits, jerk baits, jigs, rigs, hard body, soft body… the list goes on. You could specialise in any number of these or generalise.

Take Barambah lures for example. A company that sells hardbody lures designed to mimic Australian fauna. Barambah lures have designed lures perfectly suited for fishing in Australia with lures that look like lizards and budgies. Perfect for Murray Cod and Barramundi fishing.  

One of my favourite brands is Bio bait, a company that makes revolutionary water soluble fishing lures. Bio baits are water-soluble lures designed to be a safer alternative to soft plastics. The company claims its lures break down 99 percent more quickly than standard soft plastics. Bio Bait has found a gap in the market with their environmentally friendly lures.

So, as you can see there is a huge amount of opportunity to develop a business idea based on fishing. From experience people who love to fish, love to spend their money on fishing gear.  

Brick wall decor

fake brick wall decor
Fake brick wall decor

Are you an artistic person who likes to paint and sculpt? This could be an suitable business idea for you.

The fake, brick wall decor, business idea involves creating fake brick walls and painting them with graffiti or murals. The idea is for the walls to look realistic, like they have been removed from a miniature house or building for your wall.

You could create these miniature walls yourself with hand crafted molds and concrete or modeling clay. Paint them to look like walls made of brick or concrete and then paint the graffiti.

If you don’t want to make each wall individually, you could create 3D models of each design and send to model kit manufacturers for mass production. I would choose this method. The initial cost might be more expensive, having to pay for molds and a larger production run, but you could mass produce designs at a cheaper unit rate.

Making these yourself would be labor intensive and the cost of each piece would have to reflect that. Doing it this way you could market them as high quality, handmade artisan products.

New money

New currency
future currency

You might think that hard currency would vanish as technology progresses, but the more science fiction I watch and read, the more I see it used. Future currencies might take the shape of chips, tokens of precious resources and minerals.

Take Alita: Battle Angel for example, where Hunter warriors are paid in a hard currency called chips. Or the Polity Series by Neal Asher, where etched Sapphires are used as currency by the separatists.

With humans moving into space to colonise new planets, new currencies will likely immerge to cater for those people. For example, what will the Mars colonisers use for money? Will it be USD, crypto currencies or will there be a need for some form of hard currency? You could start now and get a foothold before space colonisation kicks off. Get in early and popularise your currency, ready for the new world.

Artist training course

Photo by Laura Stanley from Pexels
Photo by Laura Stanley from Pexels

This is something I have a lot of experience with, over many years of posting jobs online for freelance artists, and I know it is a huge problem. Great business ideas come from problems that need to be solved.

What is it? Well, artists just don’t know how to sell themselves to potential clients. It might be the same for all industries, but I am particularly interested in artists.

You won’t believe how many atists don’t have portfolios, don’t submit links to their portfolios or don’t submit relevant works to job proposals. On top of that, many written proposals lack an adequate sales pitch.

This is an opportunity for someone with skills in marketing to develop a sales course for artists to help them book more jobs. Websites like Udemy allow anyone to create an online video course and earn money by teaching people around the world.

If this course exists, it’s not used enough. You will need to pitch the importance of this course to artists.

I would expect you to have a marketing background in order to create a course of this nature and to market the course effectively. What do you think?

Custom keycaps

Custom Keycaps
Custom Keycaps

Though this might be a declining industry with the popularity of tablets and and smart phones over computers, I still think it is a cool and creative business idea that you could be interested in. I don’t know if custom keycaps have any advantage to game play, but they certainly look cool and make keyboards more interesting to look at.

In my opinion the target audience is probably PC gamers, making licensed caps related to popular computer games the best sellers. In saying that, if you are a creative thinker you might be able to build an audience outside licensed caps.

Can you think of any cool keycap ideas?

Inner city fishing

Tokyo fishing pond
Tokyo fishing pond

This is a fun idea that I have only seen in Japan. Do other places have fishing ponds smack bang in the centre of town?

When travelling around Tokyo you might notice the fishing ponds that are situated in and along the canals and rivers. Paying by the hour, you can go to these ponds, hire a rod and bait, and start fishing. These ponds can be stocked with a variety of fish from largemouth bass and rainbow trout to carp and goldfish.

My town has a fish farm where you can pay to catch fish, but it is on the outskirts of town. Inner city fishponds are a great idea, they are fun, affordable, easily accessible and a great family activity. They are a quiet place to start the day or unwind after a busy shift. 

Eve Studio – pet doll inspiration

Eve Studio Cats
Eve Studio Cats

I’m always looking for new and exciting businesses inspiration, especially in the creative spectrum, and Instagram is my favourite place to find them.

Eve Studio Dolls, a family owned business is my latest find. Eve Studio, named after the family cat, makes the most amazing animal dolls. Not surprisingly they make a lot of cat dolls, but they also make humanoid dolls, Dogs, snakes, insects and fantasy animals. 

The many points of articulation and colouring give the animal dolls a realistic look and feel, that will look the part in any doll collection.

This is the kind of creative business I would love to start, but I worry I wouldn’t make enough sales.

What kind of animal would you like to see?

Demonic glassware business idea

Demonic shot glasses
Demonic shot glasses
Demonic shot glasses
Demonic shot glasses
Demonic shot glasses
Demonic shot glasses

Demonic glassware is another business that I though would be a great idea, that would allow for some really creative thinking in terms of design.

These could be sold online from your website or Amazon KDP, Local markets or find local businesses to stock your designs.

I hired a couple of different illustrators to create horror and demonic glassware concept designs that I could further develop into prototypes. Unfortunately, I overstretched my time and budget and didn’t go any further on this idea. But, what do you think?

Do you like the concepts that were produced?

Tips on selling art online

Redbubble Store Profoundvisuals
Redbubble Store Profoundvisuals

For many artists it is a dream to ditch the day job and make a living solely from art. I know that was a dream of mine growing up. With the invention of the internet, smart phones and social media, thousands of artists all over the world are now competing for the same audience. Everyone with a phone can see the best art from around the world in an instant. I follow hundreds of artists on Instagram and my feed is constantly full of amazing art. So how do artists stand out amongst the crowd and make enough money to survive? Being an amazing artist, and having a killer social media presence are important, but there are other points to consider that may help your sales.

Creating an artist’s page on websites like Tumblr, DevinatArt, Artstation, Facebook or Instagram is a must to build a social media following and showcase your work. DeviantArt has a particularly strong community for artists.

Patreon is another unique platform for creatives to build their audience and get paid.

Patreon powers membership businesses for creators by giving them the tools they need to acquire, manage, and energize their paying patrons. With a subscription-style payment model, fans pay their favorite creators a monthly amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive access, extra content, or a closer look into their creative journey.

It’s an interesting concept and I’ve noticed more and more artists using this platform to build their fan base and produce exclusive works for their fans.

Think about choosing a niche topic or a keyword to target. It is easier to market a single keyword or niche than it is for a wide range of topics. For example, artist Richard Wilkinson has focused on insects, creating fantastic insect illustrations inspired by pop culture.

From my experience 95% of the art I sell is pop culture, fan art and inspired art works. From following other artists, I would gather the same is true for most.

It can be tricky. Most popular franchises are very active in shutting down copyright, which I totally respect. Redbubble, the platform I used for selling my art does a good job of enforcing copyright infringement. I don’t condone blatant copyright of other people’s material, so be creative.

There is a fine line between inspired fan art and copyright. You need to be relatable to the topic but not a direct rip off. Some words, phrases, characters and themes will be covered by copyright so it will be up to you to experiment. I’m not encouraging ripping off other people’s works by any means but I think it is possible to develop art around popular themes like parodies and clever twists to existing works. Or designing to popular phrases.

I have read on other blogs that text-based art with memorable, funny, rude or pop culture reference sell well.

There are tonnes of platforms to sell your art, like Redbubble and Society6. Society6 has a larger range of merchandise to place your art, but I received more sales on Redbubble, so I stuck with that. With their range of products, I would try Society6 again, If it wasn’t so time consuming to transfer all my art to a new platform.