Online treasure hunt

Treasure map
Photo by N. on Unsplash

I was going to keep this idea for myself because I honestly think it is a good one, but after sitting on the idea for a while I accept I will likely not make the money to develop it, or have enough development experience. So I will throw it out to the world and wish you good luck.

The idea is to hold online treasure hunts for free products and promotional deals. The way it works, is for companies to sign up with an exclusive promotional deal or product. The Treasure hunt company would then set up a bunch of clues to follow that lead to the promotional deal or free product. Players would not know the company or deal at the start and would be directed to different websites, like wiki or google searches that would lead to new clues.

This would be done by developing a browser application, where if the player hovered over the right word, sentence or phrase, a pop-up would appear with the next clue for the player to follow.

Eventually the clues lead you to the exclusive product or promotion. This could be taken further and other companies could piggy back on the treasure hunt to give away minor promotions along the way.

Why would companies sign up to do this? The treasure hunt would drive traffic to all the web pages people have to visit to find clues and the final treasure. Another good reason is that it is a new way of advertising. If you advertise through google or other search engines, you are competing against all the other companies in your category and it can be very expensive. Signing up to the treasure hunt takes care of the advertising for you by driving players to your site.

The more I write about this, the better I think the idea is and the more I think I shouldn’t press Publish. If anyone out there has a go at this, I would love to hear from you or hopefully I will see it on the internet one day making someone millions.

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