Art toy stand product idea

Are you looking for a new product idea? well maybe this one is for you. I have always been interested in art toys and manga figurines, with a small collection of toys from my childhood, manga characters and figurines from television shows. I have them displayed nicely on a cupboard in my bedroom. This solution is fine, but I thought, How could collectable toys and figurines be displayed better in a way that would interest toy collectors?

What I came up with was another collectable toy, designed to be a display stand for collectables. I think robots and mecha are popular with the collectable toy demographic, so I designed my first stand in the shape of a robot platform (I’m sure there are plenty of other themes that would work). You could design a series of collectable display stands and market towards collectors.

I have a very small collection and I think this is a cool idea, but other, more dedicated collectors have huge collections, encompassing rooms and costing lots of money. So I think this could be a profitable business.

This is one of the many ideas I will never get around to, but I would love to see it developed by someone interested. Comment below if you succeed.

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