Edible birthday cards

Edible cards
Edible cards

There are cards for almost every occasion imaginable. Cards are a lovely sentiment, but what do you do with them once received? Do you keep them, where do you keep them and for how long do you keep them?

This is a problem to solve. Not keeping cards, reading them once and discarding them is a huge waste of paper. Whereas keeping them can cause clutter. Honestly, I keep a few in the back of my cupboard, but I can’t remember ever going back to read them. To me, cards seem like such a wasteful practice.  

The practice of giving flowers suffers from the same problem. Flowers are a thoughtful gift, but they are perishable and wither after a few days. This problem was solved by the creation of edible bouquets. Made to look like a bunch of flowers, but made from fruits, breads, chocolates and sweats. The idea is thoughtful and practical. The same could be done for cards.  

Edible cards could be made sweet or savoury, from cookie dough to bread, chocolate or candy. Choose a few of the most popular celebrations to start, like birthdays, get well, weddings and Christmas and create a few designs for each.  

This would be a great business to start locally. Build your customer base online and sell your edible cards at local markets. 

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