Online treasure hunt

Treasure map
Photo by N. on Unsplash

I was going to keep this idea for myself because I honestly think it is a good one, but after sitting on the idea for a while I accept I will likely not make the money to develop it, or have enough development experience. So I will throw it out to the world and wish you good luck.

The idea is to hold online treasure hunts for free products and promotional deals. The way it works, is for companies to sign up with an exclusive promotional deal or product. The Treasure hunt company would then set up a bunch of clues to follow that lead to the promotional deal or free product. Players would not know the company or deal at the start and would be directed to different websites, like wiki or google searches that would lead to new clues.

This would be done by developing a browser application, where if the player hovered over the right word, sentence or phrase, a pop-up would appear with the next clue for the player to follow.

Eventually the clues lead you to the exclusive product or promotion. This could be taken further and other companies could piggy back on the treasure hunt to give away minor promotions along the way.

Why would companies sign up to do this? The treasure hunt would drive traffic to all the web pages people have to visit to find clues and the final treasure. Another good reason is that it is a new way of advertising. If you advertise through google or other search engines, you are competing against all the other companies in your category and it can be very expensive. Signing up to the treasure hunt takes care of the advertising for you by driving players to your site.

The more I write about this, the better I think the idea is and the more I think I shouldn’t press Publish. If anyone out there has a go at this, I would love to hear from you or hopefully I will see it on the internet one day making someone millions.

Create a drawing, painting or colouring in book

Colouring in book Photo by Natalie from Pexels
Colouring in book Photo by Natalie from Pexels

Are you a creative person with drawing skills? If so, you could develop your own drawing or colouring in books to sell online, on amazon and at markets.

Colouring in and drawing books can be targeted towards adults or children. Recently there was a trend in adult colouring in books which saw them grow in popularity and children’s colouring in and drawing books have always been popular.

There are different types and genres of colouring in and drawing books that you could create. Like I mentioned above there are adult colouring in and drawing books. These books can contain lewd content, but not always. Adult colouring in and drawing books often contain content that is more mature and uninteresting for younger generations.

Different types of books you could create include themed colouring in or drawing books for children (dogs, flowers, characters), licensed content (popular children’s tv shows etc), How to draw books, finish this drawing books, dot to dots, adult drawing and colouring in books containing lewd content, horror or gore themed books not suitable for children, non-lewd adult content books, adult licensed colouring in and drawing books, and the list goes on.

One example I found really cool, was a drawing book that teaches people to paint Japanese kanji authentically. Each page has a faint image of the kanji and you paint over it to match what is there. I am sure there are lots of unique examples out there that I have not seen and mentioned. Let me know in the comments if you have seen a unique example you would like to share with us.

Live bait supply business

Live bait fish Photo by Thiago Casst from Pexels
Live bait fish Photo by Thiago Casst from Pexels

There are plenty of ways to fish and everyone has their favourites, but using live bait seems to be one of the most successful. And why not? Fish love to eat live fish in nature.

But it’s not always that easy to get your hands on live bait. You have to find the right places where the fish are congregating. This can take time away from fishing, and you might not even find them.

Wouldn’t it be better if there was a business that caught live bait from the local area and keep them in tanks or ponds for people to purchase for their fishing?

I don’t think you would need much to start this business apart from a large pond or tank setup (with filtration systems etc), cast net for catching live bait and I’m sure there would be some sort of council or government approvals needed. Maybe you could even run the business form the back of a car, ute or van and park at popular boat ramps.

If you sold the fish for $1 each you could potentially make a couple of hundred a day and buying 20 live bait fish for $20 is not very expensive for fishermen. Buying dead bait will cost you around the same.

What do you think? Is this a feasible business idea?

Website standards auditor

This is just a quick one that I thought of today.

I use freelance web developers through Upwork and I have always been a little paranoid that they could put malicious code on my website or aren’t doing things correctly. I currently use a team in India and while I am happy with the work, without the technical knowledge I really have no idea what’s going on with the code.

This problem made me think of the business idea “Website Standards Auditor”. I know there are a lot of SEO auditors and software available, but that’s not what I am talking about.

The Website Standards Auditor would thoroughly check through website code to make sure everything is up to standard and nothing malicious has been added. I would market this towards individuals and businesses who use freelance contractors and overseas web developers.

I’m not sure if this exists or if there is enough demand to turn this idea into a successful business, but it’s soemthing you could look into.

Niche infant shoe range

Waterproof, light up soul infant sandals
Waterproof, light up soul infant sandals

My wife pointed out this gap in the shoe market when looking for infant shoes (size 7 and under). We only found one company in Australia that sells good quality, waterproof infant sandals with light up souls. Unfortunately, this company had sold out and was not restocking.

We searched overseas company websites, but they did not ship to Australia and there were few styles to choose from. There was a greater choice in sizes above 7, but 7 and under for infants was hard to find. Closed in shoes were also more popular than sandals.

In my experience closed in shoes are good for special occasions and cooler weather, but sandals are best for active play. Toddlers love to splash in puddles and fill their shoes with sand and grass. If wet or full of sand shoes and socks need to be removed whereas sandals can stay on their feet. Sand and water simply run out the open sides. Waterproof sandals are also easier to clean and are perfect for the park, back yard and beach.

Waterproof infant sandals with light up souls could be the niche product you are looking for. Specialise in infant sandals or add to your existing shoe business.

Not being able to find desirable products on the market is one of the ways I find niche business and product ideas to add to my list. If you find something difficult to find, then it could be a profitable niche to start your own business. But do your own research, it could also mean the market is too small to be profitable.  

Don’t Eat That – A million dollar health and fitness app

I contacted Dwayne Ratleff years ago when developing smartphone apps was in its infancy and people were making millions off a single app. Dwayne Ratleff was one of the developers I had heard about that had made a successful app and I decided to shoot him an email. To my surprise he replied and gave me some insight into his journey to create a successful app and some of the difficulties he faced.

Dwayne Ratleff developed Don’t Eat That, an app that helped decipher over 1,500 food additives and ingredients and lets you know whether they might be carcinogenic, genetically modified, a known allergen, or otherwise unhealthy. This was almost ten years ago and this is what he had to say.

“I decided to create my app after my 50th birthday, I want to find out what was in the food I was eating. So I started checking labels and realized no one short of a food scientist could possibly read food labels. After over 1500 hours of research and filtering hoaxes and myths about ingredients I created a searchable database. The amount of internet pollution is rampant. So an app that filter out all the false information out there I felt would work. No I did not worry if it would succeed because it started out as personal goal for me and evolved quicker than I had time to worry.

I hired a PR firm and did some PR myself. My during the period I hire the PR firm went up to number 4 under health and fitness during the time I hire them. Personally I found the newspaper advertisement a complete waste of time. I got low return for high expenditure. Yes I made mistakes. The biggest one was targeting my app too wide. Example; when I targeted my app to people who were most likely to use it I got mostly five stars. These people know how difficult it is to find reliable information on the internet. When it went to a wider audience that had expectation about my app that were not realistic I got lower ratings. Targeting you user is really important.

The biggest mistake I made was not realizing that I had to change government (FDA) regulations for the app to work at the lever most consumer want it to. I have petitioned the FDA to do this and it is in review by them. I can give detail if you want but I wont bore you with it hear.

Also if you have add ons of other  technology to your app, be very careful because your user will not know this technology is separate and will fault your app if it preforms poorly. I did not make this mistake but I know other who have.

Make your app self explanatory. I have track it only half the people who bought my app actually when to my information site.”

Free fruit auction – A genius business idea

Photo by Mark Kovic
Photo by Mark Kovic

I saw this business idea on NHK World Japan a few nights ago and it struck me as one of the most clever ideas I have seen recently. I can’t remember what the show was called, but it was about innovation in Japanese businesses. If anyone else saw the show and remembers the name, please comment below.

The business auctions off boxes off free fruit to people from their mobile application. The fruit is purchased from Japanese farmers who have excess fruit that looks “imperfect” and won’t sell to the supermarkets. Apart from not looking desirable, the fruit is otherwise fine.

So how does the business make money when they buy the fruit from farmers and then give it away for free? Well, this is the clever part that I really love. The business claims to make $9000 a month in advertising revenue, enough per month to pay for the fruit and give it away for free.

The company draws people to their app with free fruit and makes their money from the large volume of online traffic. It is brilliant!

I’ve been thinking of other ideas that could use the same business model as the one above. What do you think you could give away for free that would attract enough traffic to your website or app to generate ad revenue? Sound files for music and TV, art and design, food about to expire and plants are just some of the ideas I could think of.

My town has a small population so I don’t think it would work for me, but I think it is an interesting business to look into.

Wedding rings for cheating spouses

Wedding rings for cheating spouses
Wedding rings for cheating spouses

Wedding rings signify several important elements in a couple’s life: eternal love, devotion, commitment, fidelity, honor and respect and the bond of unity, but not all marriages run smoothly.

One problem affecting relationships is Infidelity and depending on what study you read, half of all divorces are due to infidelity. I don’t know if this is true, but certainly, infidelity happens.

What would you do if your partner cheated? Would you end the relationship or forgive your spouse and take them back?

Some people choose to continue the relationship, but how do you rebuild the relationship and trust that was broken? The rings exchanged during the wedding no longer signify devotion, commitment and fidelity.

“Uncomfortable” rings could be a new product idea to design and sell to people with cheating spouses. By designing rings to be uncomfortable, cheating spouses would be constantly reminded of and punished for their infidelity. Wearing uncomfortable rings would also show renewed commitment and devotion to the relationship.

What are your thoughts?

Stunning bag inspiration

Bag inspiration
Bag inspiration

If you thought that there were no new ideas in this world, check out the stunning bag inspiration by Amaoto Hesori-Go-Ai (I used Google Translate so I’m not sure if this is right) on the artists website.

The artist creates bags, key rings and accessories that resemble realistic animals. The artists’ work focuses mostly on insects and creepy crawlies, but you will see other creatures like fish and turtles and mammals meticulously crafted into bags.

I don’t know much else about the artist, but these are some of the coolest bags and accessories I’ve seen. The designs make me want to design and sell my own line of animal bags, then I remember all the other businesses I want to start.

Creative pots for succulents, cacti and indoor plants

Robot succulent pots
City scape succulent pots
Ocean succulent pots

For many people Indoor plants are a source of great joy. They are good for your health and wellbeing and add visual beauty to your indoor spaces. The trend in indoor plants is growing and I see an opporunity in cool and unique pots, that compliment the plants and add to your homes décor.

There is plenty of opportunity to be creative with your designs, but it might be a good idea to consider designs that will appeal to the greatest number of people, as opposed to a small niche.

This is soemthing I would love to do. I love plants and I love creative design.